// Dormer Loft Conversions in Bristol, Keynsham, Corsham and All Surrounding Wiltshire Areas 

The most popular type of conversions we provide are dormer loft conversions. At Corsham Loft Conversions, our specialists offer various types of dormer conversions to suit each customer’s requirements. We can advise on which kind of dormer will be best for you based on your goals and existing structure. From a site survey and loft design to construction services and loft heating and lighting, our team are with you throughout projects. We cover domestic customers and homeowners in Bristol, Keynsham, Chippenham, Corsham and all surrounding Wiltshire areas.

Please read the testimonials from previous customers to learn more about our dormer conversions. You can also read about our full-service mansard, hip-to-gable and rooflight conversions.


// Dormer Conversions

The various types of dormer conversions we provide to expand and enhance homes include:

Rear Dormer Conversion

Rear dormer loft conversions are an extension of existing roofs, that create extra floor space and head height. They have square, vertical sides, typically with a flat roof. Depending on the size and type of property, rear dormers can be built to the full width of your building or slightly steeped in from each side.

Side Dormer Conversion

Side dormer conversions are the same shape as rear dormers but are built at the side of properties. They typically have flat roofs, but depending on the policies of your local planning department, they can have crown or pitched roofs. If you have a detached roof, you might have the option of building two side dormers to maximise your available space.

L-Shape Dormer Conversion

L-shape dormer conversions are also similar to rear dormers, with another addition at the back of the property. This extra area often extends over a current first-floor bathroom or bedroom. These conversions aren’t possible for all types of properties but are most commonly built on Edwardian and Victorian homes. They offer ample amounts of living space to update and improve properties.

Pitched Dormer Conversions

Pitched dormer conversions are typically built on houses with large roofs. They are aesthetically pleasing and provide extra headroom. This additional space help accommodate new layouts and features, such as loft stairs.

Full-Service Conversions

At Corsham Loft Conversions, we manage all services to create bespoke dormer loft conversions in and around Keynsham and Bristol. We do not cover final decorating notes and bathroom suites, unless requested and costed accordingly. The services we provide include:

  • Design and Planning

  • Planning Permission Help

  • Sign-Off With Steel Works

  • Loft Construction

  • Loft Heating and Lighting

  • Plumbing and Electrics

  • Plasterboarding

  • Room Insulation


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